How to see who is clicking your emails most often in Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft users: Ever wanted to see how often people are clicking in your emails, or see who is clicking most often?

1. Go to, replacing APPNAME with your appname.

2. Look in upper left- how many contacts were returned?

3. Click on Edit Criteria/Columns.

4. Change Total Email Clicked to “greater or equal” to “10” and Click Through Rate to 50%-100%. Click Search.

email click report

5. Now we have how many people who have clicked 10 times or more AND have clicked on at least half the emails they’ve received from us.

Bonus Step #1

Go back to Edit Criteria/Columns. Under Misc Criteria, choose “does not have any” and then select the tag/s of your most important product. Click search and voila- you have a list of your most engaged subscribers who haven’t bought your selected product.

Bonus Step #2

Add in the criteria of Last Updated (under the Misc Criteria tab). Set it to the last 90 days, and now you are looking at contacts qualified by the steps above who have also been updated in the last 90 days.


Following the 80/20 rule, you might want to know who the 20% of most active contacts are in terms of clicks. Take the number from #1 above (let’s say 1,000). Divide that by 5, giving us 200. Now we want to find a filter that produces around 200 people.

First we need to decide how many clicks they have to have to even count for this analysis. If someone clicked only once, but had 100% click through because they only got one email, we don’t want to count them among our top 20%.

Let’s say we set it to 5 clicks minimum, then try a 70% click through rate.


If we get only 100 contacts, we need to loosen the search. Try searching for 50% CTR instead.

If we get 300 contacts, we need to tighten the search. Try searching for 85% CTR instead.

When you get to a search that shows your top 20% of contacts who click most often, you can tag them straight from this search under the Actions button.

It’s a safe bet you can email this top 20% of contacts more often than the rest of your list. They have told you by their behavior that they like what you are sending them.