Transform Tags to Hashtags When Tweeting Blog Posts

I already syndicate Red Beard University to Twitter via Zapier.


But I would like to include my tags as hashtags in my tweet.

Here’s the old Zap:


Yep, it also pings Facebook and LinkedIn.

Here’s the guts of the Twitter action:


Note that it says Description and not Title in the first merge area. That’s wrong and was making my Tweets look lame.

Here’s the new Actions in the Zap:


I’ve used Formatter by Zapier three times to take the “Raw Category” and split it in to three separate data points.

Because I start my Zap with RSS, Category is lumped in with Tags. If I started it with WordPress as the Trigger, I could work with just the tags. But I don’t mind having the Category as a hashtag, so it is fine.

Here is my new tweet:


I’ve corrected Description to Title and added three hashtags.

Now my tweet will contain the category and the first two tags as hashtags.

Here’s the live tweet:


Looking good.