Track Time Better By Synchronizing Harvest with Freshbooks

I use Freshbooks to track time for me and my staff. It helps me understand just where our energy is going in relationship to how we are getting paid.

That means I’ve had the Freshbooks time tracker open on one of my screens most of the time.


But I track tasks through Asana which is great for team collaboration and prioritizing tasks. So I also have this window open most of the time.


I’d rather just use Asana and have the results show up in Freshbooks.

Harvest is the time tracking tool that integrates with Asana.

And I can use Zapier to connect Harvest to Freshbooks.

Here’s the Zap.


The Trigger is Harvest – New Timesheet Entry.

Then Filter.

The Action is Freshbooks Classic – Create Time Entry.

Let’s look at that filter.


Freshbooks can’t listen for the Harvest project, so we have to filter our results and hardcode in the project (or Client in my case) in the Action.

All my clients/projects use a three letter identifier, so you see client LGK above.

This Zap will only fire when Harvest sends a time log to Freshbooks for client LGK.

Now let’s look at the Freshbooks Action.


Project ID and Task ID must be hardcoded. They can’t be chosen from an earlier stage of the Zap. Not my favorite, but we solved this with the intermediary Filter. It does mean that we need a different Zap for each client.

If you are tracking time to multiple Tasks per client, you’d need to filter again to segment people into specific Tasks. But I just use General for each client, so I don’t need to do that.

For Hours, Notes, and Date, I just grab the data from the Trigger phase.

When the Zap is done, my time entry in Freshbooks bears the same title as my task in Asana. The Project in Freshbooks matches the Client in Harvest which matches the Project in Asana.


I’ll save time each day opening Freshbooks. And I’ll only be tracking time when I am actually doing a task in Asana, so I am less likely to spend time on tasks that don’t matter enough to put in to Asana.

Also, my virtual assistant can now log her hours straight through Asana linked to the exact task and never need to log in to Freshbooks directly.

And my clients who pay hourly will see a breakdown of exactly how much time I spent on which tasks without me doing any extra work.

  • Kevin says:

    Why don’t you just use Harvest’s invoicing features instead of FreskBooks? Then you would just need Asana and Harvest only. I’m sure you have a reason but I’m curious 🙂

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