Theory – Pulse Revenue

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Pulse Revenue gets data from two places.

For current and future time periods, data comes from Infusionsoft via PlusThis Google Sheets Updater.

For past time periods, data comes from either PlusThis or manually importing order data.


There are 9 primary sheets:

  • Home
  • Orders By Product By Month
  • Orders By Category By Month
  • Products By Category
  • Product Revenue
  • Orders By Recency
  • Orders By Product
  • Month
  • Country
  • 2016 Orders

And 24 secondary sheets, 2 for each month:

  • 2016 January Orders
  • 2016 January Table
  • And so on

To track multiple years, you’ll want another set of secondary sheets as well as duplicates of some or all of the primary sheets.

In this tutorial we’ll build Pulse Revenue out for 2016.


The template uses Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days for recency, and looks at calendar months for 2016.

You can use any timeframe you want, though I highly recommend you stay with the same timeframe for all of your implementation of Pulse.