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Next Steps

Getting all your revenue data in Sheets is neat, but the real value of this module comes with combining it with other Pulse modules.

Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing. After reading these, write down some ideas that make sense to your business.

  1. Calculate what percentage of revenue from Product X is coming from Adwords, Facebook, or organic sources.
  2. Look at the change over time of profit margin on your top 5 grossing products, and use that information to decide which product to streamline to reduce Cost Of Goods Sold.
  3. Set a lower threshold of monthly revenue for your flagship product in each of the the top 5 grossing countries it sells in. If sales in any of those five countries drop below your lower threshold, have Pulse send you a note to investigate.
  4. If total ad spend across Facebook and Adwords exceed total revenue for Category C over a period of 14 days, have Pulse notify you to look in to it while also sending your assistant a task to reduce ad spend by 20% while you are figuring out the problem.