Next Steps – Pulse Google Analytics

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Better Funnel Tracking

Use Pulse Google Analytics to add to your tracking of funnels and launches.

You already track how many clicks you get from an email to a launch page through Infusionsoft.

Now you can put that information alongside the number of Users of that page via Google Analytics.

The numbers don’t need to match perfectly, but if they are significantly different, then you have a problem with Infusionsoft Tracking or Google Analytics tracking (or both!).

Funnel Visualization

If you have a funnel with 3 distinct steps, you can show that data in Sheets both in how many Users were on each page but also by how many people completed each Goal in that funnel.

You can then add a graph to google sheets to help you see how the funnel is doing.

And you can combine Google Analytics data with Infusionsoft data to show a funnel with steps tracked by each tool.

Funnel Health Tracking

You could show all this data on one page:

  • Users By Page from Google Analytics
  • Time between entering the funnel and purchasing from Infusionsoft
  • How many people log in with X days of buying
  • Percentage of buyers requesting support through Intercom
  • Percentage of buyers requesting support through FuseDesk (or other help desk software)
  • Refund behavior based on how many days before first login
  • Refund rate differences between how people submit support cases