Template, Layout & Formulas – Pulse Adwords

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Get the Template here.

I’ve put the formulas in highlighted text above the cell they belong in.



Because I grab the header of each column straight from the Report Configuration page, the layout of the Home page is determined for me in the order I list reports.

If you want to change where a date range shows up on the Home tab, change it on the Report Configuration tab by cutting and inserting the column you want to move in to where you want it to go.


All formulas are highlighted in green on the above screenshot.

For the header, I grab the title of the report which is always in row 2.

For the content, I grab the total AdCost which is in A12 in a Last N Days report.


And in D12 in a Month report (or any report where you have a Start Date and an End Date set).


Pulling Campaign Specific Data

If you wanted to pull Campaign specific data to your Home tab, you’d pull it from D16.

If you always have the same campaigns, you can do a direct pull without using an advanced formula.

Campaign 1 Ad Cost would pull from D16, Campaign 2 Ad Cost would pull from D17, etc.

If your campaigns change depending on the month, you need to use VLOOKUP. See details here.

Your formula will look similar to

=VLOOKUP(“Campaign Name”, ‘Name Of Tab’!A16:A999, 4, FALSE)

That formula looks for value “Campaign Name” in sheet “Name Of Tab” in column A, and then returns the value found in the 4th column.