End Result – Pulse Dashboard

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End Result

Here is one version of your final Dashboard before any other data has been piped in.

You don’t need to have all your fields on the left exactly correct at this time. You can add them as you build out each module.

All of the data on this page is either pulled from another sheet or calculated on page.


For example, Adwords Cost is pulled from the Adwords sheet.

Adwords Orders is pulled from the Revenue sheet (or the Adwords or Google sheets if you have E-Commerce tracking working properly).

The next 2 items (Adwords Return On Ad Spend, Adwords Cost Per Dollar) are calculations done on this sheet. See more in Layouts and Formulas.


The most important tip for this sheet is to use the same date ranges for all of your sheets.



Above you’ll see Ad Cost and Orders for both Adwords and Facebook. You don’t need to keep this data on your Dashboard. You can leave it on the respective sheet and just bring in the ratio and/or the trend. I’ll show you how in the modules for those sheets.