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End Result

At its most basic, Pulse Adwords looks like this.

It shows just Ad Cost over whatever time segments you built in to your Dashboard.

There is one tab for Home, one tab for Report Configuration, and one tab per time period.


Report Configuration

The Report Configuration tab looks like this.


The “Report Name” row gives the name that will appear on the tab for that time period.

“View (Profile) ID / ids” connects the sheet to a particular Google Analytics account.

“Start Date / End Date / Last N Days” decides the time period of the report.

“Metrics / Dimensions” decides what information is gathered.

Individual Report

An individual report shows the Dimensions / Metrics you selected for the time period you selected.

It gives you both fields for the total Metric (in my case Ad Cost) as well as for each dimension. I’m not running ads right now, so those spaces are blank.

If I was running a campaign, you’d see data for each campaign. Below is sample data from a campaign called Pulse – Authority where I ran ads from authority figures talking about how awesome Pulse is.

ga:campaign= Pulse – Authority
ga:source= google
ga:medium= cpc
ga:AdCost= $194.54

If you are running just one campaign, the AdCost of the campaign in the Results Breakdown will be the same as the Totals For All Results number.