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What Data Should You Connect?

You can pull any data from the Home tab to your Dashboard using IMPORTRANGE.

You can also create additional ratios on your Home tab and then pull those to your Dashboard.

On the Template you’ll see a ratio I built on the % New Users row. This pulls from the Users and New Users rows above it.

If a major marketing goal is to increase the number of new users visiting my site, this would make a good item to pull to my Dashboard.

Users By Source

You also see on the template under Users By Source.

As Facebook is my main marketing tool, this number matters a lot to me. And you can see on the template that I was somewhat successful in the Last 90 Days at earning users from Facebook but had zero people from Facebook in the last 30 days.

Imagine if I showed Facebook Users by calendar month. I could then run a ratio showing me if I was getting an increasing number of users from Facebook each month. Or I could set a lower threshold (say 100 users) and send to the Dashboard whether I met the lower threshold.

In this specific case I know that my visits from Facebook dropped off because I started putting all my energy in to building Pulse instead of marketing it or blogging. Last month I was blogging about 3 times a week with new content. This month I have been blogging just once a week and they are links to other peoples’ courses. So I am not surprised that the content is not engaging.

Only Choose A Few Items To Start

The temptation will be to send all your data to your Dashboard.

Don’t do it. The value of Pulse is in limiting what data you see so you make better decisions. Showing a ratio of how session duration is changing on your 100th most popular page isn’t doing you any good.

Instead, choose not more than 5 metrics you want to see on your Dashboard. You can always add more later.

Sample Metrics & User Cases

These metrics should be tied to your specific goals for your site.

Are you running a launch? Then track how many users are on those launch pages, and consider using Google Analytics Goals as well.

Targeting a new referral source like Facebook? Track Users By Source for that referral source.

Doing a live event in one city? Track behavior for just people from that area using Geo Dimensions.