Text message integration- which to use with Infusionsoft, Call Loop or Instant Customer?

ic vs cl

Which should you use if you are already using Infusionsoft?


The $99/mnth Instant Customer plan delivers about 2,000 texts a month.

The Call Loop plan at the same price delivers 2,250 text messages a month.

Phone Number

Instant Customer gives you two full phone numbers at that price. This means your contact can send in their name and email directly to the phone number.

Call Loop has only one shortcode, which your contact must send in a keyword to in order to activate the system. You get three keywords at the $99/mnth price.

I see the benefit in both. You have one less step with Instant Customer, but you can do better branding with Call Loop. “Text RBU to 38470” for Call Loop compared to “Text your name and email to 555-555-5555” for Instant Customer.

Infusionsoft Integration

Instant Customer says to use your Infusionsoft autoresponder email address to integrate, or use the API. Details here.

Call Loop integrates with Infusionsoft by simple HTTP Posts. It is easy to send a text upon completion of a form, for example. See more here.


If you are not already using a marketing automation tool like Infusionsoft, then Instant Customer may be a good bet. I’d say it depends on how much you value the aesthetics of using a unique whole number vs a standard 5 digit number plus a unique keyword.

If you are using Infusionsoft, I don’t think there is any contest. Better integration means you can get back to creating, selling, and delivering faster instead of spending your time on making the software work.

Disclosure: I’ve used Call Loop and know the founder. I have not worked with Instant Customer.