Stop unsubscribes by offering a Snooze option

When a contact unsubscribes, we all feel a little hurt inside.

Here’s how to keep more subscribers on your list.

First, check out this campaign (click to see full size):

snooze campaign

That campaign powers this webpage (click to see full size):

snooze lander

Let’s go through it.

First, we are going to build three webforms.

1. The Unsubscribe form removes the subscription tag. It’s thank you page is an offer to resubscribe.

2. The Update form sends an email with an update link. Find that in the Automation Link section.

3. The Snooze section removes the subscription tag, then reapplies it after 90 days. It also adds a tag so the contact won’t reenter your main funnel when they come off snooze.

4. The webpage simply shows all three forms, all using hidden email fields.

Now your contacts can snooze their account for 90 days and return to your list fresh.

You could add additional snooze tags to snooze them on multiple lists at once.

You could also add options for snoozing for 30 days or 90 days.

Thanks to Paul Sokol for technical advice on how to carry this out. As always, you are the man.