Send Future WordPress Posts to Asana with Zapier

My assistant Kim proofreads my blog posts. I want to choose when they publish. And I don’t want her to have to reassign a task to me after she reads them so I can go back to the post and schedule it.

I use Zapier to make that happen.

Here’s her Asana task list:


The tasks are assigned with a due date a few days after I am done with the post. As long as I am writing a week or more in advance, she has time to proofread the post.

The Trigger of the Zap is straightforward.


Note that this triggers when I schedule a post, not when I save a post as a draft. This keeps my blog tidy as I can have as many draft posts as I want without cluttering her workflow.

The Action for the Zap is a bit more complicated.


Workspace and Project are self-explanatory.

Name is the name of the task. Note that I can import the name of the blog post here.

Notes is the detail of the task itself. I can import most data from the blog post in to the task.

For Due I choose 5 days. This gives Kim time to work the proofreading in to her schedule.

The Assignee is Kim, the person who will do the task.

For Assignee Status I choose Today so it shows up at the top of her list.

And I add us both as Followers to make sure I see any updates she makes to the task, even if she doesn’t reassign it to me.

Now I can schedule the post for whenever I want, Kim has plenty of time to proofread it, and we minimize our workload.

A few minutes later, here’s Kim’s new task list now that the Zap has run.