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Campaign Reports Smart

Because you should know what's working and what's not

  • See Conversion Rates
  • Track Revenue Per Email
  • Get Notified When Things Break

Know What Works


Track conversion rates per stage and for the whole campaign.

Email Revenue

Know which emails are making you cash (and which aren't).


Make your campaign tell you when it is working well and if it breaks.


my brain is free to work on other projects

Laura Posey - Owner, Simple Success Plans

Having the notification system is a game-changer for me. Instead of having one more report to look at or log into, I can set it and forget it.

If anything changes that needs my attention, the system notifies me. That means my brain is free to work on other projects.

I can't thank you enough for developing these smart campaign reports!

Reporting should not be hard

I'm Infusionsoft Certified Consultant Brian Keith.

I do hard things like summiting Mt. Rainier, twice.

Knowing what is working in your campaigns shouldn't be as hard as climbing a mountain.

And you shouldn't have to work hard to know when a campaign is broken.

Let's face it- we build complicated things, with many tools talking to each other, and sometimes they break.

Smart Campaign Reports makes Infusionsoft reporting easy.

Join today to savor how good it feels to know everything is working from a quick glace at your phone.


2 Campaigns

2 Stages Each Campaign

5 Emails Each Campaign

2 Notification Channels Total

5 Notifications Total​

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