Queued Contacts

I just accidentally sent out an email to 30+ people because I was editing a campaign.

Nope, I wasn’t a victim of the “7 Day Rule” where Infusionsoft applies campaign changes to anyone those changes would have affected in the last 7 days.

Today, I made the mistake of not removing Queued Contacts from a campaign sequence before reorganizing the campaign.

And because I didn’t do this, once I published the new version, the campaign sent out emails to people who had moved through an email delivery sequence that they had already passed through.

Here is the campaign as it is now.

RBU Split Test Guide Campaign Error

See the red box on the right? That is what Queued Contacts look like. The “21” means that I could add a sequence to this campaign 3 months from now and have those 21 people get put in to the new sequence.

These 21 people were previously in the Deliver Guide sequence because they hadn’t clicked to download the Guide. Even though I didn’t move anyone in front of the Deliver Guide sequence, it ran again for those 21 people.

Here’s the fix: Either make sure your campaigns end with goals (not sequences) or check for queued contacts and remove them before making any changes to the campaign.

I went with the former and here is what the end of my campaign now looks like.

RBU Split Test Guide Complete

Notice the happy orange “0” in the Tag COMPLETE sequence.

Note that I had to remove and apply the completion tag in order to move the queued contacts out of the sequence.