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Before you buy, I want to share with you the details on the 7 core modules you get first and the next 16 modules you get after that.

Module names have red backgrounds. For each one I'll tell you the function and then list a question or three you could use this module to answer.

Customer stories are in teal. They tell you what it's like to work with me.

Once you work your way through all the modules, you'll see the Start Now button that takes you to the order form so you can join Red Beard Pulse.

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Function: Show most important data from other modules and ratios between that data.

Questions: Show me the relationship between gross profit from each webinar (Profit Module) and attendance rate on each webinar (Webinar Module).

How is it changing by month over the last 12 months?


Function: Collect Adwords spend data globally and per campaign. Include detail like cost per click if desired.

Question: How much am I spending on ads for Product X over time?

Facebook Ads

Function: Collect Facebook Ad spend data globally and per campaign.

Question: How much did I spend on Campaign X in the last 7 days?

Google Analytics

Function: Collect user data, geographical data, and just about any other GA data you can imagine, in a spreadsheet where you can correlate it to anything else.

Questions: How many visitors came to the product page for Product X in the last 30 days?

What is my conversion rate from visitors to products sold? (Combined with Revenue)


Function: Show order information globally, per category, per product, and over time. Show demographically or psychographically if desired.

Questions: How fast are my sales in Europe increasing in the last 30 days vs 6 months ago?

What percentage of my revenue comes from products in the webinar category?


Function: Assess profitability globally, per category, and per product, over time.

Questions: How much does Category A contribute to my global profit in the last 90 days vs the last year?

What is my highest profit product (as distinct from highest grossing product)?


Function: Show ROI globally, per category, and per product, over time.

Questions: What is my highest ROI category?

My lowest ROI product?

My highest ROI lead source?

Those are the core Pulse modules that I'll publish first.

Once they are all live and you are able to ask (and answer!) the questions above, we'll move on to the modules below. These are still in development, so their details (including what questions they'll answer) may change from the description below. Note also that there may be substantial Infusionsoft setup alongside Pulse setup to answer some of the questions posed with each Module.

One perk of joining Red Beard Pulse today- you'll get to collaborate with your fellow members to decide what module gets built next.

Want Pulse to text you when a webinar's attendance rate falls below your goal? Then I'll build the Webinar Module and the Notifications module next.

Want to track what actions in your funnels result in the most profit? Then the Funnel Module and Sales Attribution Module should be next in line.

You don't just build Pulse to suit your needs. You, along with the community, tell me how to build Pulse to best suit your needs.

Now let's look at the modules that flesh out Pulse in to the most comprehensive analytics tool for small business in the world.


Function: Track people in funnels including their actions, duration per stage, and conversions.

Question: What percentage of people who enter Drive To Register for my webinar funnel a) watch to 75% of the webinar and b) buy my product?

How are these percentages changing over time?

Is there a relationship between how many times a person clicks in my sales emails and whether they buy?

Sales Attribution

Function: Track the last action taken before a sale.

Questions: How many sales did each email in my sales sequence generate?

How much revenue per email? (With Revenue Module)

How much profit per email? (With Profit Module)

How much do I make in profit for each person who clicks in my sales sequence? (With Profit Module)


Function: Show contacts, customers, and actions by demographic and psychographic details.

Questions: What is the difference in conversion rate on my sales page between people who rated themselves as "Beginners" vs "Experts" on my survey?

Which US State has the most customers?

Which country is growing in profit the fastest? (With Profit Module)


Function: Segment people based on recency, frequency, and monetary value.

Questions: Who are the top 20% of my clients in terms of (separately and together) recency, frequency, and amount of total spent?

What geographical region do they live in? (With Audience Module)

When do they tend to buy in a funnel? Do they most often buy as soon as the sales offer is made, or do they buy on the last day on offer is available? (With Funnel Module)

Content Creation

Function: Track content creation across your team and across platforms.

Questions: How many blog posts am I making per month?

Is there a relationship between how often I post Youtube videos and my profit level?

Do I have enough blog posts scheduled for the future?

Is there a relationship between comments on my blog posts and product sales those posts highlight?


Function: Track task completion and hours recorded across your team.

Questions: What is my profit per hour globally, per project, and per team member? (With Profit Module)

What relationship exists between task completion and profit for each product category?


Function: Send you your most important data, and changes in that data, via SMS, email, private twitter feed, Asana, or Slack.

Questions: Text me when my webinar attendance rate falls below 20% in the last 7 days. (With Webinar Module)

Create a task for me to review my campaign if my conversion rate for the Drive To Purchase sequence falls below 5% in the last 30 days. (With Funnel Module)

Every Monday, email me my profit per category for the preceding 7 days. (With Profit Module)

If a VIP client with over $5,000 total spent submits a support ticket, text me immediately with their name, phone number, title of support ticket, and content of support ticket. (With Help Desk Module)

Wow, just writing all these out is intense!

I need a break, so let's talk about apps that work alongside Red Beard Pulse.

I have my favorite apps- ones that I use and love.

Plenty of functionality in Red Beard Pulse will work with other apps.

But in the interest of getting all these modules published and built out to their full extent, I am going to focus on just my recommended apps.

Recommended CRM: Infusionsoft.

Recommended Connector App: Zapier.

Recommended Toolbox App: PlusThis.

I focus my work on Infusionsoft, Zapier, and PlusThis because I know them best and they perform great.

Also, if you can't get something to work right with any of those three, I can work with tech support to get you an answer. I'm an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, a PlusThis Certified Consultant, and if Zapier had an implementation certification I'd hold that too. I do have over 2,800 students taking my Zapier course, so maybe that counts?

Okay, I'm feeling good. We *only* have 8 more modules to go over.

If you want to buy now and take my word for it that the last 8 modules are awesome too, you can scroll to the bottom of the page now to purchase. I won't be offended.


Function: Track user behavior in courses.

Questions: What percentage of people in Course X have logged in within the last 7 days?

How many lessons are they each completing per week on average?

For people who get the course completion tag, what was the average amount of time between each lesson completion tag?


Function: Track member behavior across your site.

Questions: What percentage of my members have logged in in the last 7 days?

For people who cancel their membership, how long was it since they last logged in?

What are the risk factors for canceling?

When should I start a reactivation campaign for members who are at risk of canceling?

For the highest RFM members, what are their login and lesson completion characteristics?


Function: Track subscriber activity.

Questions: How many subscribers do I have?

How fast is my subscriber list growing?

How many of my subscribers become new customers each month?

Is there a relationship between clicks/month in my emails and purchasing behavior?

Brand Monitoring

Function: Where and how is my brand, competitors, or industry being mentioned?

Questions: How often am I being talked about in social media, and does that have a relationship to revenue?

Am I being talked about more than my competitors?

Text me when my brand is mentioned on Twitter. If the person is a customer, send me their contact information. (With Notifications)

Social Media

Function: Tally mentions, tweets, followers, instagram posts, etc.

Questions: What percentage of my buyers engage with me on social media?

What percentage of people I engage with on social media become buyers?

How is my social media engagement changing over time?


Function: Track webinar activity and results.

Questions: How is my attendance rate changing over time?

What percentage of my profit comes from no-shows, people who left before they saw my offer, and those who saw the offer? (With Profit Module)

If my profit per week from Webinar X drops below $1,000, text me. (With Notification Module & Profit Module)


Function: Track online meeting/ sales call activity.

Questions: How much profit do I make per sales meeting? (With Profit Module)

How much profit do I make per sales call? (With Profit Module)

Which sales reps are producing the highest profit when looking at the amount spent in the first sixth months of a new clients' relationship? (With Profit Module)

Help Desk

Function: Track ticketing behavior globally, per category, per product, and per support rep, over time.

Questions: How many support cases is each rep resolving per week?

How many sales occur within 1 day of a support case being resolved?

What is the average future lifetime value of a contact submitting a support case for Product X?

Jermaine Griggs Colleague, Owner of Automation Clinic

creativity and skill level that is unparalleled


There are ICC's and then there is Brian Keith. He brings a creativity and skill level that is unparalleled. If you want a glorified user, Brian is overqualified. If you want real solutions and creative innovation, he's your man.

Bill Harrison Radio-TV Interview Report

I've knick-named him the Infusionsoft McGyver


Brian really knows his stuff when it comes to Infusionsoft.

In fact, I've knick-named him the "Infusionsoft McGyver" because he's particularly skilled at coming up with workarounds and novel ways to do things others (including Infusionsoft's tech support) have told me can't be done.

Just had a great consult with him in which on the fly he invented some solutions to a couple of problems I have.


Wardee Harmon Founder, Traditional Cooking School

kind, fast, and helpful


Brian knows his way around Infusionsoft plus he's kind, fast, and helpful. It's a pleasure to work with him and benefit from his expertise!


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