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PlusThis SmartLinks lets you link to pages based on Infusionsoft criteria of tags, field content, or email confirmation status.

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How ​Red Beard ​Uses SmartLinks

​Simple Use Cases

​Customize Your ​Sales Pages

​Tag your contacts when they fill out a form.

Then use SmartLinks to send them to a different landing page depending on what tags they received when they filled out the form.

PlusThis Smartlinks

​Customize Your Order Forms

​Tag your contacts ​based on previously expressed interest.

When they click to buy, show them an order form tailored to what they told you they wanted.

You can show different versions of the same product.

Or you can show the same product but with a marketing message customized to that audience segment.

Plusthis Smartlinks

​Display Offers Only To Confirmed Contacts

​Segment which offer to show contacts based on their email confirmation status.

​Now you can show your offer to people who have double opted in, but send single opt-ins and everyone else to a page asking them to confirm their email address.

You could also use this to show a better or higher value offer to double opt-ins as they will probably buy more than people who haven't double opted in.

plusthis smartlinks email confirmation

​Show Expiring Offers

​Create a link where people reach the sales page only if they take action before the offer expires.

Send them to an Offer Expired page if they click the link after the offer expires.

​​Advanced Use Case

​Use SmartLinks​ in sequence to customize your offerings

SmartLink #1 - Segment based on interest

​Based on a form or clicks in email, apply a tag.

In this case I am applying a tag if my contacts are interested in training.

I want to show people an offer for training if they are interested, or an offer for implementation services if they aren't.

​SmartLink #2 - Further segment based on location

​On the training page or in follow-up emails, I talk about why people like my training, then I offer a link.

If the contact is in Washington State, the training offer they see when the click the link is for a live event.

If the contact doesn't have WA in their billing info, they see an online training offer.

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