PlusThis Conditional SMS Capabilities

PlusThis just came out with Conditional SMS.

It lets you have automated 2 way conversations based on info in the incoming text messages. Pretty cool.

But it also lets you start a SMS conversation via tag.

That means…

You can now take action on people based on non logged in visitor behavior on your website.

You can import in to Google Sheets all your info from Google Analytics including geo data.

You could then do a function to find out the State with the most people visiting your site.

Use PlusThis Google Sheets Updater to keep saved searches of contacts (or orders!) from all 50 States.

Keep a tally of the State with the most visits.

Use Zapier to apply a tag to people who show up on a tab that shows contacts/orders from the most active State.

Now you can have State vs State (or Country vs Country!) competitions, automatically, with SMS functionality. Wild.