Wishlist doesn’t provide a list of their shortcodes, so I made one

Wishlist Member is a basic membership site plugin for WordPress.

Their documentation is very sparse, so here is a list of Wishlist Member Shortcodes and Wishlist Member Mergecodes.

To find either, look in a page in Visual mode, then click on the blue box:

wlm shortcodes

wlm merge codes

Note that the Mergecodes the plugin tells you to use are wrong. [wlm_private_name of level] will get you nowhere. You need to use [private_name of level] to restrict content to a specific level.

If you want a membership site solution that has great documentation, try Memberium or iMember360 or CustomerHub.

Now to the lists of Wishlist Member shortcodes.

In each case, the WLM box will tell you to use [wlm_shortcode] where in fact you should use [shortcode] with no wlm in front. I’ll list the way you see the shortcode, the way the shortcode actually works, and brief description for some of the shortcodes.

*EDIT*: WLM contacted me to say that the shortcodes will work with wlm in front. That’s not my experience, but perhaps my version of WLM is broken, or perhaps my WordPress install is broken.

[wlm_nonmember]: [nonmember]; show this content to nonmembers.
[wlm_ismember]: [ismember]; show this content to members.
[wlm_private_name of level]: [private_name of level] show this content to members of a specific level.

[wlm_firstname]: [firstname] [wlm_lastname]: [lastname] [wlm_email]: [email] [wlm_memberlevel]: [memberlevel] [wlm_username]: [username] [wlm_loginform]: [loginform] [wlm_userpayperpost]: [userpayperpost] [wlm_profileurl]: [profileurl] [wlm_website]: [website] [wlm_aim]: [aim] [wlm_yim]: [yim] [wlm_jabber]: [jabber] [wlm_biography]: [biography] [wlm_company]: [company] [wlm_address]: [address] [wlm_address1]: [address1] [wlm_address2]: [address2] [wlm_state]: [state] [wlm_zip]: [zip] [wlm_country]: [country] [wlm_loginurl]: [loginurl] [wlm_rss]: [rss] [wlm_expiry]: [expiry] [wlm_joindate]: [joindate] [wlm_contentlevels]: [contentlevels] [wlm_custom]: [custom] [wlm_register_name of level]: [register_name of level]

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