The Keap Pro Starter Kit
Thanks to a partnership with Keap, this course is now available free of charge.

Designed to help Keap Users with the Pro version of the software get started quickly, and efficiently.

So – if you’re a new user, you’re in the right place. But even if you’ve had Keap Pro for a while,
this course will help identify blind spots and validate what you’re already doing. Enjoy.

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What does this course cover?
Course Agenda and Outline

  • Keap Introduction and Overview (15 minutes)
  • Set Up Keap (33 minutes)
  • Navigate Keap (52 minutes)
  • Use Keap (43 minutes)
  • Plus, maybe bonus content (definitely 10 bonus videos)
  • Keap Introduction and Overview (2 videos)
  • Set Up Keap (7 videos)
  • Navigate Keap (12 videos)
  • Use Keap (6 videos)
  • Troubleshooting and Help Options (2 videos)
  • Plus, maybe bonus content (definitely bonus content)