Increment A Field Each Week With PlusThis

The Problem

My client wants to say in an email:

“Hello Brian, it’s Week 10. How are you coming on your goals?”

Infusionsoft natively supports many different ways of phrasing dates in merge fields.

Notice there is no Week of Year option.

Here’s how we make that happen in Infusionsoft with a little bit of love from PlusThis.

Step 1: Set The Week Field

Regardless of when a contact is run through this campaign, we need to set the field for the correct week.

We only need to initially set the field once.

Here’s a look inside the “Set Week Field” sequence. Follow this model for all 52 weeks in the year.

Step 2: Increment The Field Each Week

Then we need to add 1 to the Week Field every week.

Inside the “Add 1 to week field” sequence there is an HTTP Post to PlusThis.

Here is the build of the feature inside PlusThis.

Step 3: Stop The Cycle At Year End

We don’t want to tell people it is Week 53 when they enter their second year in this campaign, so we need a stop function.

That is provided by the “Field is at 52” sequence you see above.

Here is a look inside that Decision Diamond.

It ends the loop as soon as the field hits 52 so contacts wouldn’t get this campaign for a second year in a row.

If you did want to send people through for a second year, you could set the week field to zero in the “Field is at 52” sequence and then apply a tag to restart the campaign.

Want this campaign built out in your app or help with problems like these?

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