How to use PlusThis to tell you how much contacts have spent and how many times they have ordered

PlusThis lets you do more with Infusionsoft.

Below is how I set up a Statistics campaign for a client.

PlusThis Statistics Campaign

On the upper left is a purchase activated goal that is fired whenever anyone buys anything. The decision diamond is set to always send contacts to both the following sequences.

The next column shows two tag-activated goals and the tags I use to manually fire off these sequences. This is handy if you want to run either the Total Spent statistic or the Total Number of Orders statistic for contacts whose last purchase was before you set up this campaign.

The next column shows sequences that send HTTP Posts to PlusThis. All it sends is ContactID; PlusThis does the rest.

In the last column there are sequences that remove the tag that you see in the second column so that a contact can go through the campaign again without any problem. The last sequences also add a placeholder to let me know that a contact has gone through that part of the campaign. This way I can easily check on how many people have or have not yet been counted.

The campaign places each of these pieces of data (total spent and total number of orders) in its own custom field. I can then segment to my heart’s content.

At present PlusThis costs $59/month at the lowest price point. This two features alone are worth the cost.

With this data you can segment your list in awesome ways. For example, you could find all people who have 3 or more orders, who have spent under $1,500 ever, and who haven’t bought your midpriced product, and you could email them a specific offer.

Or, if you are selling a specific high priced product and are trying to decide which of your 500 prospects should get a phone call, you can do a search for people who have ordered 5 or more times OR spent over $2,000. Keep on upping the number of total orders or the ‘total spent ever’ value until you get a list small enough that you can actually call each contact.