How to quickly test Infusionsoft Campaigns

You need to test your campaigns, but you don’t want to wait days for each campaign step to complete on your test contact.

Here is the step-by-step to quickly testing your Infusionsoft campaigns.

1. Add your test contact to the campaign. This might mean filling out a webform, adding them to a campaign sequence, or making a purchase.

Pro Tip #1: I use for the email address of all tests, eg Now I both can differentiate between tests and easily delete my test accounts afterwards by searching for contacts with emails containing ‘’

Pro Tip #2: Just want to test what happens after a contact buys? Create your test contact and then add them to the sequence immediately after the purchase.

Pro Tip #3: If your campaign requires contacts to click in an email (for example, a link click goal) then use an email address you can access.

2. Go to the contact record and to the subnavigation tab Campaigns.

RBU how to test campaigns 1

3. Now you can see both Recent Campaign History but also Upcoming Campaign Items. Click the buttons in this section to manually move a contact through a campaign.

RBU how to test campaigns 2

4. Here is what we see when I click Cancel. Because the campaign required the contact to click the link in the confirmation email before moving forward, nothing happens.

RBU how to test campaigns 3

5. Here you see one email coming up in the queue. To send it now instead of the stated delivery time of December 22, click Send.

RBU how to test campaigns 4

6. If your campaign is removing a tag, you can remove it earlier. If it is applying a tag, you can apply it now in order to move your contact through the campaign.

RBU how to test campaigns 5