How to stop spam on Infusionsoft forms

Want to deal with spam on Infusionsoft forms without using Captcha?

Try this campaign:

spam catcher

It starts off with your opt in form.

The decision diamond goes to both sequences.

At the top level, wait a week and then apply a tag that they didn’t open the first email. This sequence gets stopped by the tag activated goal if they do open the first email.

At the bottom level, they get the first email. Use a 1×1 image calling an automation link to apply a tag that they opened the first email. This tag stops the above sequence. Then they will get content.

They don’t get the content sequence if they haven’t opened the first email within a week.

This technique removes the eyesore of captcha. You’ll still want to look through the list of people tagged as having not opened within a week to make sure you aren’t losing real contacts.