How to show prechecked boxes on forms based on Infusionsoft tags through Memberium

I want to show my users a form that is responsive based on their previous answers.

If they previously checked a box, I want to show that box as still being checked.

To do this I’ll make a campaign with two forms.

RBU prechecked 1

Form 1 can be hosted or in a web page.


RBU prechecked 2

Then I need to take the HTML from Form 2 and put it on a page in my Memberium site. I set the Thank You Page for Form 1 to the URL of Form 2.

Then the magic happens.

Memberium has the shortcode which lets me show content to people with a certain tag and other content to people without that tag.

I duplicate the code for the checkbox I want to be prechecked, then add in the shortcode with my tag ID that indicates they’ve previously checked that box.

RBU prechecked 3

Then I add checked=”yes” in the middle of the <input> line for when people have the tag. I leave the second line alone, as people without the tag shouldn’t have the box checked. Here’s the code in plaintext:

No<input id=”inf_option_Imawesome” checked=”yes” name=”inf_option_Imawesome” type=”checkbox” value=”7915″ /><label for=”inf_option_Imawesome”>I’m awesome</label>

Voila- when logged in, my users now see a form that remembers their past behavior. In this case, you’ll see that you are still awesome after checking that box on the first form.

RBU prechecked 4


If you didn’t check the box on the first form (or did but aren’t logged in to Memberium), you won’t see the box checked.

You can use this to let people update their subscriptions, or to let them automatically change their answers to survey questions.