How to send an email to an individual contact?

Here’s how to send email to an individual contact.

You can send one from two spots on the Contact record or one spot while viewing contacts.

First, let’s address the contact record. Go there by entering their name in the search box on the upper right or by searching for them in Contacts in the CRM menu.



The web address for a contact record will always look like this:

Where YOURAPP is your app name and # is the contact number.

On the contact record look for the Email/Social area on the middle right. Next to their email address, click the email icon. This brings up a single broadcast email. Edit it and send it off. If you would rather have different styling, consider changing it in the branding center.

Your other option is to use the drop down menu on the right just below the Tags listing. Select Send an Email to bring up the same email screen.


To send a broadcast while viewing list of contacts, first do a contact search that returns more than one result. Hover over the entry and a navigation bar appears. Click on the email icon to see a list of emails they’ve been sent as well as a green Compose button on the right. Click that button to send an email.