Change the workspace of an Asana task

Asana is awesome, but it won’t let you move tasks between Workspaces.

When you use Asana for your own business as well as multiple clients, this can create a problem.

Recently we decided to move all our tasks for one client in to their Workspace for better communication about priorities and better visibility in to what we were accomplishing for them.

I did this using Zapier.

Here’s the Zap

Click to enlarge.

How to move tasks between Asana workspaces


1. As this is between two Workspaces on the same account, I name the same Asana app as the trigger and the action.

2. My trigger is “New Task With A Tag” which would be better named “New Tag On A Task,” as I trigger this by applying a tag to an already created task.

3. My Action is “Create Task.”

4. I choose a new unique tag for this project called “Move.” I have to create this tag in Asana before Zapier can see it.

5. Then I name the Workspace AND the Project I want my task to be sent to. In this case, I have a project in my client’s Asana already and I want all my tasks to go there.

6. I set “Name” as “Name”- this means the name of the task will be copied over verbatim.

7. For Notes I add two fields. First is “Notes” which just copies over the description of the task. Second is “ID.” I preface ID with the URL of the originating Workspace. This creates a link to the original task.

8. I set the assignee as me and the task to Upcoming.

Screenshots of tasks

The original task in my Workspace:

move tasks 1

The copied task in my Client’s Workspace. Notice that the link to the original task is automatically set as a link and also named for the old task,

move tasks 2

One Caveat

As you can see, the comments don’t transfer over. This is why I link to the original task. It allows me to quickly see the comments on the original task. But this also means that I can’t delete the original task as I will then lose my ability to see comments.