How to increase your leads by over 4x in one year with Infusionsoft

First, the results.

In the first quarter of 2012, Linda Keith CPA averaged 12.5 new leads a month. These were all subscriptions to her monthly email answering questions from lenders and credit analysts.

For the same time in 2013, Linda averaged 41 new subscribers a month plus another 11+ new leads who didn’t opt in for the monthly email.

That’s a 4x increase in new leads. How’d we do it?

1. Be an expert with a high traffic site

It’s far easier to drastically increase leadflow if you are already getting a lot of traffic, especially a lot of organic traffic.

Linda saw 15,969 visits in 2012Q1 and 16,855 in 2013Q1.

Linda’s decades of work in her very niched subject (tax return analysis training) result in her having 6 out of the 10 results on the first page of google for that phrase as well as the top result for the search “gaap vs tax basis.”

Her main site is about 900 pages with over 50 highly niched, highly relevant articles to her target market.

2. Find out where the traffic is going

When I started working with Linda, one of the first things I did was look at the Google Analytics content report.

Find it on the left tab in Google Analytics: Content -> Site Content -> All Pages.

You are looking for two things. Which pages are getting the most traffic? And what is the pattern of the traffic?

We saw that the article on GAAP vs Tax Basis was by far the most popular page on the site. In 2012Q1 it saw 2,872 visits which increased to 3,480 in 2013Q1.

See the page:

Second, we saw that only 1 of the top 10 most visited pages was NOT in the Ask Linda category. This is where she stores her articles.

3. Capture leads on high traffic pages

While you’ll now see lead capture all over the GAAP page, in January 2012 the only lead capture was an invitation in the footer to join Linda’s email list.

The same was true for all of the Ask Linda pages.

Armed with the data about the highest trafficked page and category, we used Infusionsoft to put up a lead capture form on every Ask Linda page. We used the Javascript feature so that we could easily change the form as we learned more about what encouraged people to click.

But we needed something more compelling than Linda’s monthly newsletter.

4. Give away great information

Linda was already selling an eWorksheet that helped lenders do their job better.

She turned the interactive worksheet in to a PDF guide. We call it the Tax Return Analysis Quick Reference Guide and it has 27 pages of forms with many comments from Linda on how to best use it.

The eWorksheet cost $98. The Guide we gave away.

5. Measure and Tweak

We started off with an optin on the sidebar on the Ask Linda pages. We found that a version including a picture doubled leadflow.

lgk sidebar

Then we added a form underneath the articles themselves. Leadflow doubled again.

lgk lower form

Now we are experimenting with a banner above the article which leads to a different page to capture email. It gets results, but we can do better.

lgk banner

What’s Next

Now that you know how we increased leadflow by over 4x, apply this process to your own website. Improve your lead capture on your highest traffic pages and watch your subscriber list soar.