How to forward to a friend in Infusionsoft

Here’s a simple way to insert a Forward to a Friend link in Infusionsoft.

Add an HTML snippet to your email, and put this in the snippet:

<a href=”mailto:?subject=[enter email subject line]&amp;body=[enter email body] ~HostedEmail.Url~.”>[enter link text]</a>

[enter email subject line]: replace this with the subject line
[enter email body]: replace this with the body of the email you want your subscribers to send to their friends. Note that you can’t use HTML or line breaks.
[enter link text]: Put your link text here, such as “Click here to forward to a friend.”

~HostedEmail.Url~ is how Infusionsoft knows to insert the URL of the email your contact is clicking in, so don’t change that.

Clicking this link will result in your contact’s email window popping up with the cursor blinking in the To field.

Note that some browsers may require %20 instead of spaces to work properly. So “Check This Out” as a subject line should be “Check%20This%20Out” in order for every system to recognize it.

Easy as that!