How to find the best affiliate report in Infusionsoft

Here’s the best way to run an affiliate report if you are paying your affiliates outside of Infusionsoft.

First, do a search for all payments under Ecommerce -> Reports.


Arrange the dates for the timeframe you want to see a report for.


You’ll see a list of all payments made in that time period. Note that this tracks the flow of money, not of orders per se.

Run an export (from the Actions button in the upper left) and select these fields to export:

Referral Partner
Product Ids
Product Name
Sale Total
Pay Type

Once you get your export, first delete any payments that have no Referral Partner (Infusionsoft’s name for affiliates).

If you are running any commission programs outside of Infusionsoft, for example paying each affiliate a certain amount for every sale of an item regardless of who sold it, you’ll need to keep those records in to deal with later.

Then delete any payments that aren’t part of a commission program.

Now you have only payments where there is a referral partner AND the referral partner should get paid for those sales.

Now watch that Pay Type- that’s where you’ll see refunds. I like to keep my refunds (and matching Credits) all on my affiliate reports off to the bottom, just so my client can see all the relevant data.