How to change email image text in Infusionsoft

Here’s how to change image text in Infusionsoft emails.

You might want to change this so that contacts who have images disable automatically can still see your marketing message.

Here’s an example of an email with images enabled:


But when I get it, I don’t see images unless I click a button to enable them:


The best practice is to put a message in your image alt text as well as to make the image clickable.

In the example above, imagine changing “” to “Click here to check out Waldo’s latest at”. Then change the image link destination to that web address.

Now you have a marketing message that can be read by people who have images disabled automatically, even if they only see your email for one second.

To change the image text, go to the template within Infusionsoft, then double click on the image and enter your image text.


To add a link, click on the image once and then click Link.



Here is how the changed email looks in my email browser. A clear, branded call to action is certain to increase clickthroughs.