How to beat spam complaints and un-throttle your email broadcasts

Tired and confused at your Infusionsoft email broadcasts getting throttled or stopped due to spam complaints?

The secret to smooth email sailing is a Private Opt-Out Link, and here’s how to do it.

1. Create a form in a new campaign, followed by one sequence, as shown below.


Make the sequence to apply the subscription tag and remove the cancellation tag.

2. Add a Private Opt-Out Link to your email. Here’s a normal email:


And here’s the same email with a Private Opt-Out Link:


The link goes to the form that you created above. See the Red Beard University resubscribe form live at

Here’s a detailed image of the Private Opt-Out Link. And remember to set the link to place the person’s details at the end of the URL under “Other Options.”


Now when a recipient wants to unsubscribe, they are more likely to use your Private Opt-Out Link than the mandatory Infusionsoft opt-out link. They can only report spam if they use the Infusionsoft link, so now your spam complaints will go down, and your emails will be throttled less often.

Note that Infusionsoft regularly throttles emails to addresses that haven’t been emailed in a while. The only potential way around this is to have your contacts double opt in.

Also, if you use a Private Opt-Out Link, but then keep emailing people after they’ve opted out, you deserve all the spam complaints you get. Take the people who opt out seriously, and be careful not to email them again.

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