How to add to a custom field based on a tag being applied

This post covers how to increase a custom field by 1 whenever a given tag is applied. There are tools that make this much easier; skip to the bottom for those.

You could use this to count how often people open emails. Say you have a monthly email and you’ve automated the tracking of opens.

Whenever someone gets the “opened email” tag, their Open Score field goes up by 1.

Here are the steps.

1. Create a custom field in Admin -> Settings

2. Create an action set in Marketing -> Settings

3. In the action set, choose Set Contact Field to a Specific Value


4. Add a name, enter 1 in the right field, and then check “Only run this action when certain rules are met”


5. Set up a rule called “(field name) is 0.” Use the drop downs to make it look like so. Save & Close.


6. Now your Action Set looks like this.


7. Repeat steps 3-5 for adding as much to your custom field as you want.

8. When you are done, save the Action Set.

9. Create a new sequence after a tag activated goal that is fired by whatever tag you are tracking. Put an “Apply Action Set” type process and choose your new action set from the dropdown.

10. You are good to go- the field will now increase by 1 whenever that tag is applied, up to whatever number you specified. Note that a tag being applied while that tag already exists won’t do anything. So if an email open tag stays around for a day, and someone opens an email twice in an hour, they would only get their OpenScore raised by 1.

Want to make this easy? Buy Automation Clinic and get a WordPress plugin that makes this a simple HTTP Post. You’ll also get the training from Jermaine that tells you how to use this information.