How to add a custom opt-out link to a Campaign Builder email

You want to add a custom opt-out link to your Campaign Builder email footer so that people can opt out of just that Infusionsoft campaign and not all of your marketing.

But when you import a template where you had the opt-out link working, the link broke.

Here’s how to fix it.

1. Go to your Template email.

2. Below the Plain Text email area, click Merge and select Links.

3. Look in the “Update / Opt-Out Links” area of the popup for your opt-out link.

4. When you scroll over that link, you’ll see a link URL such as “javascript:editOptOut(‘8’)”

5. Click Insert to put that opt-out in to the email. It will insert code such as ~OptOut_8~

6. Now go back to your Campaign Builder email. Delete the “Unsubscribe from all emails” or whatever opt-out text is currently showing and replace it with the merge field above.

7. Now your emails will have the correct custom opt-out link.