How to access the Last Bill Date field inside Infusionsoft subscriptions

Infusionsoft does not let you access Last Bill Date except from the View Subscriptions menu.

This is no fun because you might want to use that information in a campaign with a Date Timer.

For example, you could send a note to people right before you bill them again for an annual subscription.

If you want to do this, you need that Last Bill Date data in a custom field. Let’s call that field Billing Date.

The short answer is to use Excel to copy the date and then update your contacts.

Here is the step by step answer:

1. View Subscriptions you want to add a billing custom field to.

2. Export including ContactId, Billing Amt, Last Billed, Cycle

Billing Amount and Cycle are just so you can verify that you are looking at the right subscriptions. You don’t need to export them otherwise.

3. If no Last Billed, export Start Val as well. You can use this instead of Last Bill Date if you know how long it takes between a subscription being created and the first charge. If you start billing after the first three months, then your Billing Date should be three months after Start Val.

4. If you want simply a record of Last Bill Date in a field you can use, copy the data to a second column.

5. If you want to determine a date in the future, use one of these excel formulas.

Add 14 months:
=DATE(YEAR(B1)+1,MONTH(B1)+2, DAY(B1))

Add 1 year:

Add 12 days:

These assume that your Last Bill Date data is in column A and that you have no headers.

6. Update Contacts with this new data, keeping only ContactId and your new field.

Now you have Billing Date in a custom field and can use it in date timers at will.