Oh Crap – How Do I Stop My Infusionsoft Campaign?

Infusionsoft doesn’t let you pause a campaign.

Your only option to stop a campaign in its tracks is to “Unpublish & Delete” it.

Here’s your workaround.

Go to the campaign.


Click on the Edit tab. Click the line going from a goal to a sequence.


Press the Delete key. Then click Publish.


You’ll now see your campaign but without anything leading to anything else.


Notice the blue zero in that last screenshot. That means there is no one active in the campaign.

If you see a number other than zero, you’ll need to stop the campaign for those people.

Hover over the number and click the person icon.


Then select “Start/Stop a Campaign Sequence” from the Actions button.


Choose Stop for the first dropdown. Then find your campaign and sequence you want to stop people for.


Do this for every sequence with people in it, and you’re all done.