How do I set up FixYourFunnel SMS conversations?

Let’s walk you through the process. Click any image to enlarge it.

Log in to FixYourFunnel at

Then click on Services -> Telephone -> Mobile Marketing.


To duplicate an existing campaign, click the Duplicate button. If you don’t have a campaign to duplicate, click the Add Conversation button in the far upper right.


Change the Conversation Name and Keyword and click Duplicate Conversation.


Now you are looking at the Edit Conversation Step screen. Type your message. Add a tag to kick off your email response. And set the ‘Save Answer To Field” to Email. Then click Update Conversation Step.


Do this for however many steps you want. You’ll see the result on the right side of the screen where you see each step laid out. Here is a guide on how to read the layout:


Now in Infusionsoft, build a simple campaign to deliver emails based on your contacts texting in. In this case, we already had a campaign, so we just copied the tag activated goal and following sequence. Change the tag activated goal to match the tag you added in FixYourFunnel. Change the emails in the sequence to be appropriate for your new keyword, publish everything, and you are done.