How do I offer two free months but also 12 paid months without being awkward about it?

We’ve all been there.

You’re at a party. You see the girl (or guy) of your dreams.

You bravely walk up and start to speak… as they turn away to talk to someone else.

Did they hear you? Did they notice you were there? Should you tap their arm, or just keep talking? Was this enough of an interaction to friend them on facebook?


You know what else is awkward?

Upselling a contact to a year subscription while they are halfway through a two month free subscription and then having them notice that they lost a free month by buying the year.

I hate awkward.

Let’s clear this up.

It’s easy if they ask for a free two months.

RBU two months free

It’s also easy if they just buy 12 months.

RBU buy 12 months

It’s when they buy while partway through their free trial that it gets awkward. Is that the sign? Should I kiss her? IS SHE GIVING ME THE SIGN? Nope, she’s yawning. But maybe she was covering up the sign?

RBU buy 12 months then awkward

Ahem. That of course never happened to me. I’m always as smooth as this next campaign.

RBU buy 12 months after 2 free months

In this case, we still give the two months. But we make it a “Run Until Completed” sequence (note the green arrow in the bottom left hand corner) so that it can’t be stopped.

One might say that the two free months can’t be held back. Which reminds me of Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us, which you can listen to in Gaelic below. You’re welcome.

After the unstoppable two months of freedom, then a diamond looks for a buy tag. If they didn’t buy during the two months, access ends. If they did, now they get the 12 months of access.

Woo! No more awkward!