How do I attach a file in an Infusionsoft email with good formatting?

I’ll walk you through. Click any image to enlarge.

First, go to your filebox.


Then, click on Browse and find your file. If you want your file to be visible to other users of your Infusionsoft application, click on the Company Files tab.


Click Attach to upload the file to Infusionsoft.


Now you’ll see your new file in the list of files. Right click (Control + click on a Mac) and then choose Copy Link Location.


Now open your email you want to insert or update the attachment. Select the text you want to link the file to, and click Link.


Paste your link in to a text editor and remove the first & you see and everything else after it.


Then paste this link in to the Link box, click Insert/Update, and you are done.


Click here for the Infusionsoft help page on uploading files.