How can I make CustomerHub apply a tag when a contact vists a page from an email?

Here’s how to track when a contact visits a page in CustomerHub from an autologin link.

You could tag the link in the email, but that works for HTML emails, not for text emails.

And if you have many people clicking your emails from their mobile device, you’ll want to use this instead.

Here’s the format of the link:

APPNAME is the prefix to your Infusionsoft account. My site is, so I would use redbeard as my APPNAME.

LINKNAME is the permalink for the action link in CustomerHub.

Here are your steps:

1. Create a new Action Link at
(replace redbeard with your APPNAME)

2. Name your link and add link text. Then add a permalink. This will be the LINKNAME shown above. Click Save.

3. Now create an Action Set in Infusionsoft at
(replace redbeard with your APPNAME)

4. Choose a name for the Action Set and select ‘Apply/remove tag’ from the dropdown menu. This is the tag that contacts will get when they visit a page through your autologin link. Save the Action Set.

5. Open up your Action Link in CustomerHub. Under Section 1, select the Action Set you want to run.

6. Ignore items 2 and 3, unless you want to apply or remove permissions when someone logs in.

7. For the redirect, put down the full path of the page you want them to see when they click the link.

8. Save the Action Link. Note the permalink name. That is your LINKNAME in

9. Now put your own APPNAME and LINKNAME in to the full link:

10. Put this link in to your HTML or text emails. It will cause the tag to be applied regardless of the email type.