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PlusThis New Feature: Zoom Meeting Scheduler

Woo, PlusThis came out with a new tool! New Feature: Zoom Meeting Scheduler Hey there PlusThis users, We’re happy to announce a new tool that’s now live inside the PlusThis library! Introducing: Zoom Meeting Scheduler! Now you can have your CRM automate creating Zoom Meetings for you. Create meetings, send out invites and follow up with […]

Add UTMs to Feedbolt To Improve Analytics For Emailed Newsletters

You know Feedbolt emails your WordPress posts to contacts with an Infusionsoft tag. While Feedbolt internally shows stats on how many clicks each link earned, wouldn’t you like to see that in Google Analytics as well? Here’s the code: ~<a href="~RSS.URL~?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter">Read More…</a></p> Change ‘newsletter’ and ’email’ as appropriate for you. Or build a different UTM […]

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