Red Beard Pulse

Easily see all your analytics in one spot

And get updates about your most important metrics

Pulse connects your favorite apps

Grab the data that matters from Adwords, Infusionsoft, Facebook ads and more.

Show the highlights on a single spreadsheet updated daily.

View meaningful Ratios

Discover how your ad campaign ROI for an individual Infusionsoft campaign compares to total revenue for that product. Get thousands more ratios like this at your fingertips. Get as specific as you want in showing relationships between all your numbers.

See changes over time

Observe data by calendar period and also by recency so you can more quickly spot trends.

Get Updates Only When Needed

So you can focus your time on the parts of your business that need it most

ad spend recommendations

Pulse tells you how to change your Adwords and Facebook ad spends to best meet your Return On Ad Spend goals.

Updates when things break...

Get notified when your campaigns need your attention.

You set the thresholds.

Pulse stays vigilant and notifies you if there is a problem.

...And when things go well

Set your conversion, revenue, or profit goals and get notified when you meet those goals.

Base your goals on any timeframe- from Last 7 Days to a calendar month to the change over last quarter.

Choose how you get updated

Get updates via SMS, Asana, Slack, Basecamp, Email, or Twitter.

Select different channels for different kinds of updates.

Want your weekly revenue report via email but a text if a campaign stops converting? Pulse can do that.

Sleep better

focus on what matters

Start now and get your first data streaming to Pulse within an hour.

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