How To Position Your Company For Long-Term Success by Charles Gaudet

Charles writes: “As your business growth consultant, I need to have (perhaps) the most important discussion about positioning your company for long-term success. We’re talking about your Unique Advantage Point – and why it’s essential for surviving in today’s economy (in addition to positioning you as your ideal client’s obvious choice in your market)…” Read […]

PlusThis New Feature: Zoom Meeting Scheduler

Woo, PlusThis came out with a new tool! New Feature: Zoom Meeting Scheduler Hey there PlusThis users, We’re happy to announce a new tool that’s now live inside the PlusThis library! Introducing: Zoom Meeting Scheduler! Now you can have your CRM automate creating Zoom Meetings for you. Create meetings, send out invites and follow up with […]

2 Ancestral Fears That Hold Us Back

We’re afraid, all of us, but not of the things we think. Missing deadlines, not making the sale, lack of fulfillment at work- these are no fun. But our true fear is of two things. What we’re truly afraid of 1. Being pushed away from the communal fire and perishing in the cold 2. Having […]

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