Blog Faster with Zapier

If creating content matters to your business, you need to do three things:

1. Capture content ideas

2. Put them in the right spot so you can create the content later

3. Create the content

I find #1 the hardest. I have ideas for Red Beard University posts all the time. But stopping what I am doing to write a blog post is usually a bad idea.

My solution is to have a shortcut on my browser that opens an email to Zapier that creates a Draft blog post.

First the shortcut:


The code for the Post shortcut is where ’email’ is the code given to you by Zapier. Your email address will look something like Setup instructions are lower in this post.

The Post shortcut opens up Gmail in my browser:


The second shortcut is just a link to my Drafts page. That way I can easily see what posts I’ve started.

If I have an idea but I don’t want to write a post right now, I click Post to send myself an idea with whatever title and notes I want to show up in my Draft post.

If I want to write but don’t have a fresh idea, I click RBU Drafts, choose a draft post, and start fleshing it out.

Here’s the Zap structure:


The Trigger is Zapier’s Email Parser.


Basically you send an email to that address and then it is available in Zapier.

My setup is very simple because I am just turning the email Subject Line to the blog post Title and the email Body in to the blog post Content. You can also scrape specific bits of data from the email.

Here’s the guts of the WordPress Action.


My Title is pulled straight from the Subject Line, and my Content is pulled from the Email Body Plain.

Note that my Status is sent to Draft. That means I don’t have to worry about formatting or any proofreading when sending ideas to my blog because I know I’ll get the chance to review the post before it goes live.

If I want to send just a title of a blog post but no body, it takes about 5 seconds.

If I want to write out an entire article, I can do that too.

And my posts only go to my VA for proofreading once they are scheduled, so I don’t need to worry about wasting her time on a blog post that isn’t done yet.