Automatically Text Your Top 5 Buyers Each Month with PlusThis

With PlusThis new Conditional SMS feature, you can start a SMS conversation via tag.

That means you could use their Google Sheets Updater to keep a running tally of orders from the last 30 days, and then once a month send a text to the top 5 buyers with a special offer… automatically.

Mind blowing.

I haven’t built this yet, but I imagine you’d use the Filter function to examine a tab that showed the value of all orders from the last 30 days, summed for each email address.

Use FILTER to show those over a certain value, or sort the email addresses by amount spent and take the top 5.

Then use Zapier to tag those people once a month and use that tag to start SMS in PlusThis. And you could always use Zapier to send your top 5 buyers cookies in the mail and then text them around the time the cookies should arrive…