Automate Your Editorial Calendar with Zapier

You should keep an editorial calendar where you know what to write on which day, right?

My brain doesn’t work like that. I’d rather write when I want to write, about what I find interesting right then, and schedule it appropriately so I’m delivering a steady amount of value to my subscribers.

The key word there is steady.

So I built a Zap to automate my editorial calendar.


It piggybacks off the Zap that sends future posts to my assistant for proofreading. It is triggered whenever I schedule a post.

The Zap is straightforward:


It takes the publication date and posts the event to my calendar.


It also gives me a link and the tag names in case I want to review what I wrote.


Now I see on my calendar what posts I have coming up and can write more posts if I see a slow spot.

It’s also now easier to see when in the future I should schedule my next post for.

Here’s what my Calendar looks like after the Zap runs:


Now I know I have blog posts running every other day or so through the end of the month. And I need to buy pumpkins!