2 Ancestral Fears That Hold Us Back

We’re afraid, all of us, but not of the things we think.

Missing deadlines, not making the sale, lack of fulfillment at work- these are no fun.

But our true fear is of two things.

What we’re truly afraid of

1. Being pushed away from the communal fire and perishing in the cold
2. Having our food stolen at night so we starve

For 99% of our existence as humans these two were the big fears.

If you can solve them, you live, and everything is fine.

We all use one main solution to these problems.

Be Likeable

If people like you, they won’t push you away from the fire, and they won’t take your food.

And the Be Likeable strategy was a great fit for most of our history.

Now with the global reach that all of us enjoy, coupled with the amplifying effect of technology, we need to go beyond being likeable.

Going beyond being liked means doing things that may lead people to not like you.

But only if you are willing to do things that make people not like you can you do what most of humanity never had the chance to do:

Fulfill Your Calling

Most humans who ever lived had callings like hunter, parent, farmer.

Now we get to have callings vastly more specific. We can make a living serving just one thousand people anywhere on the globe.

But to get there, we have to be willing to do things that make people not like us.

Seth Godin says something similar with his “this might not work” mantra. Something not working, that you’ve promised to someone, may make you less likeable.

And tribemates disliking us leads to being pushed away from the fire and having our food taken at night. So our primal brain tells us.

How do you overcome the primal need to be liked to you can fulfill your calling?

Tell me in the comments what strategies you use.