If creating content matters to your business, you need to do three things: 1. Capture content ideas 2. Put them in the right spot so you can create the content later 3. Create the content I find #1 the hardest. I have ideas for Red Beard University posts all the time. But stopping what I […]

I already syndicate Red Beard University to Twitter via Zapier. But I would like to include my tags as hashtags in my tweet. Here’s the old Zap: Yep, it also pings Facebook and LinkedIn. Here’s the guts of the Twitter action: Note that it says Description and not Title in the first merge area. That’s […]

My client’s Infusionsoft-powered Contact Us form puts a task in Asana to follow up with people who ask a question. To get this for your company, sign up for free at Zapier at You’ll need your Infusionsoft API key, Infusionsoft app name, and Asana key. Here’s the before and after: The values you see […]