To add a hidden Email field to an Infusionsoft form in CustomerHub, add this code: <input name=”inf_field_Email” type=”hidden” value=” {{ }} ” /> You’ll also need to add the hidden email field in the form in Campaign Builder. This code calls in the User Email with the {{ }} variable. You can call […]

Want to give people direct access to your CustomerHub content? Here’s the code: If you need more detail, check out the Infusionsoft User Guide:

Want to merge a custom field in to CustomerHub? Go to Settings -> Application Settings. Then, go down to Custom Fields. Add in your Infusionsoft database field names, which you can find in Admin -> Settings. Then click on “View the field database names (for the API)” Put those in to the CustomerHub field and […]

***Update- I’ve edited my post to be more in line with Infusionsoft security standards.*** Want to show a rotating partial in CustomerHub? Start with a .htm file that rotates between your images. Each image can link to a different place, so you could have images of 4 products, rotating between products, each one linking to […]