You need to test your campaigns, but you don’t want to wait days for each campaign step to complete on your test contact. Here is the step-by-step to quickly testing your Infusionsoft campaigns. 1. Add your test contact to the campaign. This might mean filling out a webform, adding them to a campaign sequence, or […]

I just accidentally sent out an email to 30+ people because I was editing a campaign. Nope, I wasn’t a victim of the “7 Day Rule” where Infusionsoft applies campaign changes to anyone those changes would have affected in the last 7 days. Today, I made the mistake of not removing Queued Contacts from a […]

Here’s an easy way to track purchase behavior in Infusionsoft. It tags people for their first, second, and third purchases. Now you can do searches for people with the first purchase tag but without the second purchase tag. And you can see what date each tag is applied within a specific contact record.